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Goldenwheel is an independent garage with at least 10 years experience in automotive diagnostics, repair, service and maintenance.

We are pleased to offer a complete package for Ferrari such as Service, Repairs, MOT, Wheel Aligment, Tyres, etc.


We have designed a comprehensive service for Ferrari and Maseratti customers where every single item in the veicle is checked and tested. The Golden Service now includes the following:
Lights bulbs, reflectors, headlight beam alignment, interior lights, dashboard warning lamps, horn and hazard lights.
Charging system Battery condition, terminals, voltage drop, bracket, alternator, starter motor, power leaks, ground connection.
Climate Cabin heating, blower, pollen filter repacement, air condition operation, compressor, gas drain, vacuum clean and lubrication of aircon hoses and pipes, refill, verify temperature, ventilation and odour.
Road View Windscreens, window glass, wiper blades, motors, washer sprayers and fluid top-up.
Emission HC, CO and Lambda reading and analisys.
Oil Seals, mounts, noises, oil drain and refill according to climate and manufacturer's specification, oil filter replacement, and leak detection before and after service.
Cooling Anti-freeze level and strengh check, replace if necessary. Radiator, hoses, thermostat, temperature sensor, cooling fan, air intake, manifold, and air filter replacement.
Fuel system Leak detection, pipes and hoses, replace fuel filter, analyse emission and catalyst operation.
Exhaust Leak check, mounts, fittings and joints.
Steering and Suspension
Suspension Measure height, stiffness, condition and operation of coil springs, shock absorbers, struts, arms, bushes, stabiliser and links. The operation of air suspensions and Dynamic Traction Control.
Steering Check the operation of the steering rack, columns, mounts, locking and fluid level and opacity, geometry measurement, adjustment and steering angle reset.
Braking & SRS
Safety SRS Functions, warning lights, seats, seat belts and tentioners, door locks and hinges.
Braking ABS light and sensors, pedal switch, pipes and hoses condition, check for leaks in servo and vaccum chamber, reservoir fluid and moisture level. Brake efficiency and imbalance. Parking brake operation and cable. Brake pads, shoes and discs thickness and condition.
Air Con Service
Fully automated system that recycles, detects leaks, lubricates the pipes and compressor, refills gas according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Wheel Alignment Service
Using the latest Hunter Hawkeye Digital Aligner, and the comprehensive visual and physical inspection of the steering and suspension system, we are able to measure and adjust every angle of the wheel (camber, caster, and toe) to match the manufacturer's specifications. Custom adjustment is also possible, e.g. for circuit racing or prefered ride hieght.

Crash Repairs
Our professionals can provide a spotless body repairs and amazing paintwork. Alloy wheel refurbishment is also one of our main specialities.

Vehicle Storage
We provide secure parking spaces if needed to store your vehicle. This service includes free pickup and delivery and regular car wash.


We also offer as part of the Ferrari service:

Only genuine OEM parts and premium oil is used. All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

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